Video Marketing Secret # 6 – What Video Do You Need?

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What Video Do You Need? This really depends on one thing:

Where your customers are in the buying journey?

The closer to the beginning of the buying cycle they are, the more you need to answer the question “WHY?” as in, ‘WHY is your product important to me, the buyer?‘.  As your prospects look at you, your brand and your product: They are asking themselves:

  • Why is this important to me, specifically?
  • Will this allow me to open valuable time in my busy day?

Those questions are what people are really thinking when they’re looking for a new product or service.

Only after you get them the answer can you move to what, and how you help.

Once you have interest, you can then start to show HOW your product helps achieve their goals.

HOW the process is done, and what’s the value-add in working with you

Your ‘why’ video should define:

     “Why you’re great. Why you stand out. Why this is important to (your demographic).”

Your ‘how’ video is also important, after buy-in exists.  It should define:

     “How are you different? How is your process better? How are you going to make them better, faster, stronger, sexier or leaner?”

Because that’s what people want.

What do you think?

Is the ‘WHY’ and the ‘HOW’ defined clearly in the brands you respect?

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