3 Big Don’ts for Mobile Video Content and Advertising

Mobile Video Content

Moving your video marketing strategy into mobile? Before you do, make sure you’re not about to commit one of the three cardinal mistakes that mobile video content producers and advertisers make when it comes to the smartphone and tablet sphere. The rules for web page videos and associated ads change with the platform, and iOS plays by its own set of rules.

1. Don’t push your long form content on Wednesday.

Long form content is defined as videos that run fifteen minutes or longer–and studies show that viewers aren’t tuning in on Wednesdays. Hump day is reserved for music videos and short, usually humorous video clips, so if you’re looking to promote a lengthy product or promo video, make your push on Friday or Saturday; most people reserve their weekends for long form viewing. In general, most mobile video is consumed between 4 and 9 pm. Professional content fares better later in the day, and full-length films, at night.

2. Don’t choose pre-roll where you can avoid it.

The fastest way to alienate your audience is to precede your marketing or product video with a pre-roll ad. On average, 46% of mobile viewers will develop a negative view towards an ad when it is disruptive or invasive to the viewing experience. Try blending native ads with other web page video content, and when possible, tailor the ads to complement the rest of the published content.

3. Don’t aim for the older crowd.

When it comes to mobile, middle-aged America is not your target audience. The average viewing age for a mobile user is 25-44, so be sure the marketing video content you’re pushing on those platforms is age appropriate and engaging for that group.

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