AMA Webcast: How do you get to your best audience and have them listen?


Why Consistent Visual Storytelling is Critical in the New Digital Economy

Our CEO, Maury Rogow, was asked to host a webcast with the American Marketing Association in partnership with Monotype. With over 400 registered attendees, Maury presented an interactive and fun presentation, answered questions, and delivered key takeaways.

Maury’s presentation elaborates on the key point that ‘your company will live or die based on the story you tell’. This is largely because we live in a story-economy now. People want to be part of a great story. Brands that are winning battles are using video and visuals in an immersive, personalized, and creative way.

The takeaways were: learning how to grow your business in the ever changing digital world, understanding how to develop an efficient and more profitable marketing message, and share how to leverage your brand by using the power of visual storytelling.

Today’s digital world has changed the way we engage with clients, develop products, and win new customers. The amount of “noise” in the marketplace is increasing by the day and it is essential that you communicate with your customers in a way that quickly grabs, and keeps, their attention.

You have to engage your audience in a memorable way. Maury elaborates on how to incorporate five essential elements into visual stories to maximize the impact of the video.

Here at Rip Media, we specialize in explaining difficult concepts by creating elegant and simple to understand video stories, typically in animation, sometimes with live video. We provide everything you need to reach the people you need to – with video content that can be easily shared and tracked efficiently.

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