What are the best style options for your video? (Video Marketing #6)

Video Marketing Part 6

You may ask: “What style is best?”

Great question!

Well… What is your company STYLE? Pressed collar and tie, untucked with sneakers, or some variation in between? OH wait! What style of VIDEO is best?

There are are many available. Let’s start with a little education on the style options that exist in the world today.

Rip Media Group: What Style of Video is Right for You? from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

That was fun to create! 🙂

(Note: I have left out VR and AR because we will discuss these in another post. Why? These require more than eyes and ears to view. Special apps and goggles are required.)

Which style to use?

Some of you have seen our Creative Brief, which is our suggested starting point. Go ahead and have a look, I’ll wait…OK, you can see that the foundation starts with you. We ask a lot of questions to make this discovery process easy. You may be thinking, ‘ok, that makes some sense, these folks at Rip Media Group create the story, see our colors, brand guide, and customers, and THEN suggest the style.’ Yes, that is true!

From there we will encourage:

  • Maybe a Whiteboard Animation – where we explain a complex message in a simple and entertaining way with hand-drawn art (aka; ‘speed draw’). It’s the most attractive way to drive your story forward.
  • Perhaps a Character Animation – where we design custom characters for you, your clients, your audience, and your solution – is best.  This style is for ‘fun’ branding as they are similar to the cartoons we used to know (and loved) as kids.
  • 2D Motion Graphics is extremely popular in business animation. Our team of creatives use modern graphic design techniques to create a unique experience. Sometimes kinetic typography, where the writing you see on screen moves dynamically, can accentuate important points.
  • More advanced photo-realistic or futuristic 3D animation is extremely effective as our minds are immediately more engaged to shapes, sights, and movements that are not possible in the physical world. Engagement, understanding, and conversion rates are typically highest here.

Having a spokesperson, live actors, and/or a live-action video is useful as viewers immediately relate (positively or negatively) to another human face. We have found that a hybrid of any of these styles has been extremely useful in creating an engaging story.

Just give us a call so we can discuss!


Have a look at our creative brief to help you understand what makes you unique:

Creative Brief

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