Who is the best video partner for you? (Video Marketing #4)


Batman & Robin, Bonnie & Clyde, Milk & Cookies…. some of the greatest partners of all time.

Finding the right production partner is essential to the success of your video. You want a company that “gets you” the way that Scooby gets Shaggy.

How do you choose?

By asking good questions, of course!

Here are a few examples to get you thinking

  • Do they understand the goal of my video project?
  • Did the reference videos come from companies that I trust?
  • Have they proposed good story ideas and offer creative solutions?
  • Are they just repeating what they sold to my competitors and reusing it for me?

Are they actually outsourcing to a team in Transnistria? (It’s a real place, and outsourcing overseas is a scary thing in creative projects!)

We would like nothing more than the opportunity to partner with you! Our video production pros will help your video SUCCEED!

10 Questions to ask your Video Marketing Agency

Your partner in crime … I mean VIDEO!


Have a look at our creative brief to help you understand what makes you unique:

Creative Brief

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