Client Review – Video Production for Golfing Simulator – NextLinks

Video Production for Golfing Simulator - NextLinks

Rip Media was asked to produce a unique video for NextLinks, showing their proprietary technology for the next generation golfing experience, where they combine simulators and real-life putting greens to create a seamless game of golf (which is certainly not waning in popularity).  The NextLinks team gave us the following rating:

Note/Update: We are honored and humbled that the CEO credits us with giving them their first million dollars, and set them on a direct path to more projects and much more!  Please see this post from LinkedIn:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here is what they had to say:

We were looking for a company to create a unique video that we could use to pitch our services to a golf course.

We discussed the project over the phone with the Rip Media team and they immediately sent people to the property where we were doing the project. They assessed the space and took the necessary footage and photos. 

We gave them control over the creative side and they produced 2–3 options for us to choose from, ranging from standard Motion Graphic Video to high-end 3D Animation Video, consistently communicating with us via conference calls. 

We worked directly with two members of their team, but there were also some people behind the scenes.  

They established a smooth process, informing us of all the steps they had to take. They were responsive to our feedback and accommodated us when we asked for more time to review the information.

Then, they edited the video and delivered the final product. The video presented a clear picture of what we had to offer to a golf course and what exactly we’d implement in their space.

We asked Rip Media Group to clearly present the product and the way it would be used on-site.  The video provided our client with a clear idea of what we were offering, so we were able to sign the contract.

We appreciated their customer service. They took charge of the project, so we didn’t have to worry about anything.

Their flexibility and commitment earned them favorable referrals.  They delivered everything they had promised. … I’d definitely recommend them.