Client Review: Video Production for Mentorship Program for Imagine LA – “A Journey with Imagine LA”

Video Production - Imagine LA

Rip Media Group was approached by Imagine LA, a company that provides a mentorship program to families to help them out of homelessness, to conceptualize, script, and produce a promotional video. We created a hybrid video by merging live-action testimonials with animation in post-production.  Here is what the client gave us as a rating:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here is what they said in their review:

We needed a promotional video that was consistent with our values without being dated. To achieve this, we wanted an innovative way to convey our mission of defeating homelessness using innovative storytelling.

We researched and interviewed a few companies before hiring them. Unlike other companies, Rip Media Group understood what we were trying to do right away.

Rip Media Group conceptualized a storyboard for our promotional video that combined both storytelling and animation to engage the viewer. They also provided production resources to film and edit the video. Testimonials from our families merged with animation to reflect our organization’s human component.

It was an incredibly well-organized and efficient effort; the whole project was on time and within budget. They were prepared to shoot the whole video in under six hours, and they ensured that our families felt comfortable being on camera. 

Rip Media Group strove to listen to our opinions and incorporate our ideas. As a result, the video was collaborative. They never dismissed our ideas nor strong-armed us into something we didn’t want.

We appreciated that they took the time to understand us, which allowed them to be innovative but consistent with our organization’s tone. They were good, active listeners, which fostered a collaborative environment. The quality of the work was absolutely first rate.

Rip Media Group’s organization and collaborative efforts fostered an efficient work environment.  We all felt like a family by the end, which reflected our organization’s values.

They delivered the project on-time and within budget.

The video was well-received both internally and externally.


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Imagine LA - Image2

Imagine LA - behind the scenes - Image1


A Journey With Imagine LA from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

Imagine LA Behind the Scenes Video: Motion Graphics Mixed with Live Footage from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.