Client Review: Video Production for SaaS Customer Service Company (Whistle)

Video Production for SaaS Customer Service Company

Whistle Messaging, a SaaS customer service platform that enables hotels to engage with their guests in real time via SMS and mobile messaging apps, reached out to Rip Media Group for video production of a promotional video.  We merged animation with product screenshots and images. 

The client gave us the following ratings through Clutch, a third party review site:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here’s what they had to say in their review:

We’ve always had a disconnect with potential customers because we couldn’t convey what we did. We wanted a promotional video that comprehensively explained our organization’s product and mission.

We considered numerous video production vendors, however, many exceeded our budget range. A friend referred us to Rip Media Group. We found that they were a perfect balance between quality and price.

Rip Media Group provided us with a video production questionnaire to better understand our needs and how we wanted to shape the script. From there, they developed storyboards and script over multiple sessions before creating mockups. 

We valued their organization and willingness to collaborate. Regular conference calls facilitated real-time feedback between both teams. We could comment directly on the mockups as a living document. Professional collaborators, they consistently shared updates to maintain transparency.

The video itself merged animation with screenshots from our messaging platform.

The video comprehensively explained the advertised platform. As a result, it better addressed targeted markets and eliminated extraneous email exchange. 

The video received praise from our internal stakeholders and immediate network. 

Rip Media Group’s professionalism and transparency fostered a productive collaboration.

In the end, Rip Media Group produced a promotional video that concisely and visually conveyed our company’s product and mission, the pain points we solve, and it captured our core values. As a result, the video has been a useful tool for our sales team to explain our platform to our target market. It has eliminated extraneous exchanges with potential clients.

Beyond their professionalism and high-quality work, we appreciated their customer-centric approach to providing care. We weren’t their only client, but it seemed like we were.

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