Video Marketing Question #2 – How Do You Know You are Getting the Video You Want and You Need?

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How do you know your video team is producing the video you really need?

The answer is pretty intuitive, but not discussed too often in the creative world.

It is all about the PROCESS.

If your process is optimized and the path to your goal is free of clutter, you and your team then have more creative freedom to innovate.

Why is creative freedom so important?

Because the more CREATIVE you are with your message the more IMPACT it will have with your customers.

The last thing anyone wants to see is a PowerPoint, a list, specifications, or a wall of text.  Watch or read the last post and you will see that these are losing impact year after year, while video views are skyrocketing.

What people want is to be told a STORY on why you will make their lives better.

To get that story, you’ll want to follow a tested and proven process.

When starting a video project here at Rip Media Group, you’re green-lighting a real Hollywood Production.  This is the same process that created Titanic, The Godfather, and Star Wars!  It is just a bit abbreviated 🙂

We have a skilled team that is here to walk you through a refined and developed cloud-based project management system.  It has optimized the process of making a truly engaging video and brand story.  Some of it is described in the video above.

We have seen more success, faster results, and higher satisfaction in both customers and viewers when we follow the refined process.

Here are the steps are shown by using samples from our project with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Yumm)

  1. Discovery (Always start with our ‘Creative Brief’)
  2. Script (Audio / Visual Sample) (This is a sample with added visual notes)    
  3. Script Timer (You can test your script’s actual length…150 words per minute is the average, but you can play with this tool as you wish!)
  4. Voice Over Actor Library (Have a look at our up to date library of contracted voice actors)
  5. Art (This example has advanced art… also called a ‘Treatment’)
  6. Storyboard Sample (The final script matched with sample art)
  7. Final Video (The Dr. delivers your baby…)

To look at your options, just start with our creative brief, download our Video Workbook Starter, or give us a call for a free consultation at 888.899.8910.