A great story? It’s all about engagement and motivation (Video Marketing #7)

Video Marketing Part 7

Cinderella. The timeless classic resonates for a reason. It’s not the ball, or the dress, or even the fairy godmother — it’s the STORY that moves us!

When we put ourselves in a trustworthy, hardworking and unappreciated person’s shoes, we can’t help but have compassion for her and desire to see her succeed.

The same holds true for you and your customers!
People remember a great story based on the situation and point of view. When building a story, remember
‘data strays while story stays.’

Have a look at our creative brief to help you understand what makes you UNIQUE:

Creative Brief

When building a story that is memorable, your viewer’s point of view is critical. You will have a more impactful story to share by putting them first. By solving your customer’s problems, you will be the magic carriage that stays in their memory.

In the form below, we would love to have you try on your customer’s glass slipper and ask: “What problem do we need to solve?”

We also need to consider your customer’s journey. Do you need to grab attention, to build trust, to differentiate your unique value?

How do you define yourself – as Cinderella, the Stepsisters, or Prince Charming?

How do you define your customers?

Just answer these questions to learn about your buyer’s mindset.

Have a magical day,


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