Halloween: A Season for Effective Digital and Video Production Advertising


Rip Media Group shot off this Holiday season with a 3D animation video featuring a classic and mischievous vampire who turns into a bat and flies toward the light of the moon. Dark organ music plays under the Dracula-like voice of the narrator as wind shrieks through the trees and a distant werewolf howls.

Happy Halloween From Rip Media Group from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

Here at Rip Media Group, we recognize the fun, as well as the benefits, of Holiday advertising– and Halloween is a great time to get out an animated ad or other advertising story. Thinking about when to produce or promote your marketing message? Halloween is rapidly growing in popularity. Consumer purchases boom during the fall and winter seasons.

While Halloween is great for candy corn and hobgoblins, it’s also a prime time for targeted advertising, especially when it comes to video production and digital marketing. Christmas may be the consumer’s (and marketer’s) dream, but Halloween season marks an ideal time to influence the school and Thanksgiving buying craze. October and November are top months for Black Friday Deals and back-to-school spending. According to the National Retail Federation—

“Halloween has grown to become one of the most popular holidays of the year, average spending on back-to-school items has increased 31 percent since 2004, and Thanksgiving Day has officially become a bonafide shopping day for millions of bargain-hungry Americans.”

In 2013, parents spent $72.5 billion for back-to-school and college supplies, which included notebooks, clothes, smartphones, and more—and the numbers continue to climb. That same year, an estimated total of $6.9 billion of spending went toward Halloween costumes, events, yard decorations, etc. Last year, two-thirds of adults in the US celebrated Halloween, and spending for the carved pumpkin holiday increased by 3%, averaging $78 per person with a total of $7.4 billion spent on Halloween.

Where are all of these buyers looking to make their top fright-holiday purchases? The most popular method is searching online. According to SlideShare, 34% of customers last year looked for their costumes through digital browsing. With targeted advertising becoming more precise, and digital advertising spend growth increasing by millions of dollars every year—banner ads, explainer videos, and general digital advertising are a great means to increase SEO for the Halloween season.

SlideShare also revealed that mobile searches concerning Halloween increased by 1,052% on Bing Ads last year. The growing number of smartphone users means more time on mobile devices, and greater numbers of digital searches through these devices. If you are looking to increase your SEO, consider the top Halloween keywords for Halloween digital searches, which include: “Halloween costumes,” brand names, “Halloween,” “spirit Halloween,” “Halloween decorations,” and even “Supergirl.” If you include “kid costumes” and “delivery/shipping” in the Ad title, the searches jump.

So enjoy Rip Media’s 3D Happy Halloween Video, the first of a series of Holiday videos to come, and don’t forget to increase your business revenue this pumpkin season with improved SEO and video productions.




Halloween insights – tricks and treats for digital marketers from Bing Ads