Holiday Season Video Productions

Holiday Season Video Productions

Sometimes you want to put together a video production that coincides with the holiday season – and why shouldn’t you? There is a lot to be happy about in the holidays, especially this year. According to a new report by Visible Measures, 2016 is the biggest year ever for online video ad viewing.  As of Dec 1 2016, there’s already a 50% increase in the market since the same time a year ago.

Holiday season video productions are a big part of that growth; did you know, for example, that campaigns launched in November are already responsible for 215 million views – that’s about 6.7 million views per campaign. Oh, and by the way, that’s more than the 2015 holiday season saw in terms of views.

So what makes for a great holiday campaign? The three most important ingredients in this cake are: heartwarming, inspirational and love/relationships. Have you seen this beautiful campaign from John Lewis, “Man On The Moon”?

Thus far, this ad has almost 30 million views, almost 2 million social views and almost a million social network interactions.

This John Lewis ad also saw fit to include a major element that we at Rip Media Group always talk about; that element being story. A big, emotional one that gave us the feels. Oh, the feels! And that’s crucial for connecting with your audience. We can’t stress that enough.

You should also launch your seasonal video productions early. In 2015, almost 80% of holiday spots began before Thanksgiving. That same year, three top retailers – John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Target – delivered campaigns that scored over 5 million views. In 2016, six retailers have launched campaigns, two of them coming from Walmart.

So where are customers viewing these holiday ads? Almost three-quarters of retail campaign viewing came thanks to YouTube – and one-quarter was seen on Facebook. YouTube’s holiday season views have already inflated 3.7% from this time last year.

One other thing; consumer electronics video productions are very successful this time of year. In 2015, they scored around 441 million views and they’re projected to double in 2016. So if that’s your business, the holiday season couldn’t be better.

Rip Media Group can help you design, write and produce a stunning seasonal campaign for the 2017 season. It’s best you start thinking about it early, especially if you want to launch it in early November – but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Remember – your story starts here!