Your Marketing Question # 5 – How Long Should A Promo Video Be?

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I have seen, or created, all types of marketing videos ranging from 10 seconds long to an hour long and the answer to this question is simple: As SHORT as possible.

The fastest way to get from Point A to B is a straight line.

That is what your video needs to do, take the SHORTEST point to get your message across, and waste no more time than that.  

Do not leave out emotion, do not leave out needed details, but DO leave out lists and the details that are better described in person or in a deeper-dive video.  Give your customers a chance to learn more, by clicking again…and again.  More short-form content is better than one long everything-and-the-kitchen-sink movie.

When you look at all the different platforms we use, Facebook, Instagram, all types of Social Media, we certainly know that attention spans are extremely short.

So, please use this knowledge to your advantage.

The initial video people see should be short and attention-grabbing.

Get them to want more.

If people are interested in your product or service, they are spending time researching you. They are on your website and you already have their attention.

This is where you need to give your perfect pitch, in the most streamlined and informative way, with your video.

If they want to learn more, perfect! They are then in the ‘nurture and educate’ phase, and here you definitely can have longer form content.  You have their attention…So, up to two minutes, three minutes, five, and sometimes even longer.

So, how long should your video be?

Just answer: where are your customers in the buying cycle?

The closer to the beginning, the shorter your video.

The more of a relationship you’ve built, the longer your video can be.

We are happy to evaluate your current videos, or talk about creating a buyers journey for your customers…There is no doubt that video will be a part of the solution.

To look at your options, just start with our creative brief, download our Video Workbook Starter, or give us a call for a free consultation at 888.899.8910.