Is there proof that video actually ‘moves the sales needle’? (Video Marketing #1)

Why Video Marketing Part 1

Do you know the feeling of not being able to stand out, stuck and unable to show your value in a unique and memorable way?

When I started this company in 2009, our services were unique and special…or so I thought.

In reality, the world saw us fitting in snuggly with 10,000 other marketing companies.

I searched for an answer.
What I did next changed everything. It was one of those ‘aha!’ moments Oprah talks about.

‘Hey Maury, promote the brand with video’, the voice in my head shouted.

VIDEO…my not so secret passion.

Did I believe in ‘story’, the transformative power of video, and in myself?
I had to.

It was the only way. I literally emptied my bank account to invest in what I believed would set us apart… quality video.

It was an all or nothing bet.

Now, I had produced two feature films, so, I knew the drill. I put on my big-boy pants, I wrote up a storyboard, got out the checkbook, produced, and launched.

That decision changed the future of Rip Media Group and our clients’ fortunes, as well.

That video caught some fire and created views, interest, and more and more attention. It went so well that I adjusted and we became a ‘video-first marketing agency’ and attracted hundreds of clients, partners, and friends.

We attracted hundreds of clients, partners, and friends.
We helped charities raise funds with video.
We helped products launch internationally with video.
We help people achieve personal and professional goals with video, and yes, we help them increase sales.

Fast forward to today: Our stories launch brands to new heights. The videos we create are seen millions of times across the globe, transform businesses, and change lives. I am incredibly proud of what we do and cherish our client relationships.

The moral of the story: Video is a game-changer.

If it’s hard cold facts you need, please have a look at this video (I’ve typed too much already!) with facts from independent research firms proving why video is so revolutionary.

Check out this video!

Rip Media Group: Why is Video So Critical in Business? from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

We are still at the beginning of the video marketing age, and there is plenty of time for you to be a leader.

Let’s dig in deeper.

We researched our clients’ campaigns and found that the use of ‘Rip Media produced’ videos generated over $100 million in new revenue.

Now, that’s an ROI worth some pride!

That figure doesn’t even include the ‘soft ROI’ of attracting better talent, making personnel training more effective, speeding the sales cycle, and reducing overhead.

Quality and professionally-branded video will be the most viewed content on your site, in your email campaigns, and on your social networks. Period. Prioritizing quality and story is critical because “your video” will be your hardest working sales rep!

Video marketing worked for us, our clients and partners, and it will work for you, too.

Simply stated, videos are vital to your company’s success. Listen to the voice in your head!

Video will be your best brand ambassador within hours of its release.

It is extremely important to make the right hire.

The team you hire should be invested in you, and dig deep to learn and communicate what makes you special. 

I’m proud that my team is top notch and does this for our clients, customers, partners, and friends.  We love what we do because it helps companies and people grow.

I would be happy to discuss this more with you!

Call anytime.

Thank you!


P.S. ‘TBT’ You can see that original promo video here – old logo in all its glory!

Have a look at our creative brief to help you understand what makes you unique:

Creative Brief

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