Rip Media Group named among the top Video Production Companies in Los Angeles

RMG Rated Among Top Video Production Companies

Proud and humbled by the news: Rip Media Group named the top Video Production Company for brands in Los Angeles.

This recognition comes from an independent rating and review platform that delves into the client-agency relationship. uses an in-depth research methodology with extensive client reviews and then ranks B2B service providers.  These reviews include advertising agencies, creative agencies, and (now) video production companies.

They recently compiled all of the data they have collected from over 7,000 agencies in over 500 categories to create a Leaders Matrix of Video Production Companies in Los Angeles. This data includes verified client reviews, experience, market presence, and capabilities in video production.

If just a few years, Rip Media Group has been ranked in the top 3 Video Production Companies in Southern California and the only one in Los Angeles itself, a city known for producing movies and video!

Please check out our profile at, see how we compare against other leaders in the industry and read our rave reviews!

Consumers in all industries become more and more accustomed to video content, it’s important that companies of all sizes work to keep up. We embody this rule, as we are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to the quality of story and video that we make for our clients.

It’s not an easy task to implement a video strategy, particularly if your business doesn’t have an in-house team trained to produce or animate a video. Luckily, we can fill that role with specialized teams, great client services, and years of experience.  At Rip Media Group, that’s what we do. Our team creates whiteboard videos, character animations, 3D animation, and live-action videos to help all of our clients achieve their marketing goals. For every project, we take a strategic, creative, and innovative approach to the challenge at hand, making sure that each client walks away with a unique video that fits their brand and that goes far beyond their expectations.

Several of our clients have spoken with Clutch about their experiences with Rip Media Group. Here are just a few of the highlights from our Clutch profile:

“They are on top of the process. They’ve developed a really user-friendly application for communicating throughout the production process. A lot of our stakeholders are not well-versed in media, but the application makes their ability to give feedback easy.”

“Their desire to create a relationship built on creative production and communication was great. They’re ultimately looking to monetize through projects or contracts, but they realize that there are greater gains to be made through sharing ideas.”

We’re excited to earn this recognition with the support of our clients. As we continue to work and get reviews on the platform, we look forward to seeing our rank in their research grow as a direct result of the what our clients want to tell the world about their experience with us and the recognition of the value we produce.