Super Bowl XLIX – Top 5 Commercials via AdWeek

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Every February the whole country gets riled up for football, food and the debut of the newest commercials. As the country’s most watched televised event, it’s no wonder the Super Bowl commercial spots cost a pretty penny at $4.3 MILLION dollars for a 30 second slot! When you’re dishing out that much green, you gotta make sure your message is delivered in the most compelling, effective and memorable manner. Most Super Bowl commercials are notable – whether they’re remembered in a positive light seems to be determined by the execution of their concept. Some try to simply gain attention by being the most abrasive, while others delve too deep in the message and forget to communicate with their audience.

AdWeek released their Top 5 list and we want to know how you all felt about their decision.

The number 5 spot went to Clash of the Clan’s ad featuring Liam Neeson while 4 was given to Kia’s ad with Pierce Brosnan. Both commercials were very similar to each other in featuring a well known male celebrity basically emulating their most popular role.

The number 3 spot was snagged by a newcomer to the big ad game – Loctite, a glue company. What may have been odder than their presence was their music video-esq ad. It’s bizarreness definitely met their goal – to be memorable and entertaining.


The runner up is a campaign most people are familiar with – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry! Snickers has kept up with their series, debuting on Sunday with their newest installment featuring Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi. What they did differently here was incorporating their theme and tag line into one of America’s most iconic families – The Brady Bunch! Trejo was brilliant as Marcia while Buscemi excelled as Jan. This wasn’t the greatest attempt at being original, but it followed the campaign theme, was well casted and successful in its execution. Definitely made it to our internal list of the top videos!


Drum roll please! The top spot goes to Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign. With a simplistic style of shooting and editing, the message spoke for itself. “Like a girl” should not have a negative connotation attached to it, as it currently does in our society. While there were plenty of other commercials touching upon social issues that deserve attention, none were able to execute their concept in such a powerful and memorable manner. The trending topic #LikeAGirl blew up on social media and Always is getting plenty of brand exposure from it.
While the Crew at Rip Media argued about the other entries, all of us agreed that the number 1 spot deserved to go to the elegant and simplistically done #LikeAGirl campaign. This goes in line with our creative concept of S.T.U.F.F. (Seductive, Touching, Unique/Unexpected, Funny, Fear) created in the clever mind of our CEO, Maury Rogow. Essentially, the most effective advertisements will inflict a strong emotion, causing the viewer to take action. All these commercials had one or more of these basic elements in their message and execution, thus making them successful campaigns.


What did all of you think? Who was your favorite? Which did you find funniest? The most touching? We want to know!

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Written By: Priya Bajaj-Tsung