The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Video Productions (And How To Stop Them)

Biggest Mistakes to Make with Video Production

The best thing we can do from making a mistake is learn from it (fixing it is also great, if you can).  But when you’re making a video production there are so many potential fires you have to be ready to put out, how can you be sure some things aren’t going to slip through the cracks?

You can’t.

But – and this is a good but – there are ways to mitigate the mistakes from happening before they even happen. We’ve put together a checklist for you that you can go over when you’re in pre-production.

It’s All About You

Customers don’t really care about you. They are concerned with their own issues and your product/service is there to help them with those problems. So don’t write a script that’s all about you. Create a story/video production that addresses their needs and how you can help them.


The average attention span of a person is – literally – less than a goldfish these days. So with that in mind, you have to ensure you come barreling out of the gate and grab your audience within the first few seconds. Focus your messaging. Give the solution. End with a call to action. Gain new customers.


You and your colleagues know what your buzzwords are and that’s great; you can all bond over the boardroom table or the water cooler speaking them all the live-long day and you’ll all know what you mean. Your customers, however, are a different story – so don’t talk to them in a language that means nothing to them. Don’t talk down to them either; talk to them.

Who’s Gonna See It?

While you’re building your video production, you should be also building the audience who’s going to see it. Get accounts on the various social media platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc) and start gaining traction. Then make sure to do versions of the video for each platform (for example, Vine only wants six seconds).


You want to make sure your video production engages people with a compelling voice and message. Use anything from humor to drama to get your point across because emotions hook people in.

And there you go! Five mistakes that a lot of people accidentally trip up on, and ways to combat them before they even happen. Of course, here at Rip Media Group we make sure no mistakes are made because this is what we do – and we love it!