The Future of Video Marketing

The Future of Video Marketing

According to a 2013 commissioned study about video marketing entitled, “Optimism Despite Unresolved Issues About Video Advertising,” media companies and advertisers are optimistic that video marketing is here to stay. More publishers and advertisers are spending more dollars on video marketing than ever before. In past experience, this strategy tends to show an increase on returns.

The question for many is not whether video will stay around, but how will it evolve over the coming years? Everyone seems to be in agreement that people will still be watching and searching for video. But, some advertisers wonder if people will learn to “tune out” the ads in favor of more entertaining material. Thus, losing the advertiser’s opportunity to get their message out.

Some viewers have learned to tune out the ads, and YouTube allows publishers to let viewers skip most of them entirely after 5 seconds.

Often times, advertisers hope for better targeting their audiences through specific viewers. Other advertisers see greater benefit in focusing on levels of attention. It is clear to see that factors which influence viewer behavior are constantly debated.

Media moguls seem to believe that the future is in online web-based viewing of  marketing videos. Such content will likely complement other forms of media such as text and blogs. Advertisers believe the majority of viewers will still be on satellite and cable in coming years, so they tend to want to spend more money in these areas.

Stats on Ad Planning and Buying

There is no doubt that ad planning and buying statistics influence advertisers’ abilities to buy online video ads. Currently, 63% of advertisers say they think buying video ads online are relevant in order to succeed. More than 70% of agencies and media companies agree with this.

Traditional ads, such as advertisements for local TV or cable, will still be a part of the advertising budget in coming years. Though this is the case, people slowly progress towards online for their broadcast and entertainment needs. These numbers will gradually decrease in favor of online video ads.

Challenges for Advertisers

Advertisers report that what they struggle with the most regarding online video is the ability to measure their audiences across a range of different platforms. They analyze such data to see how this translates into conversions and sales.

Challenges for Media Companies

It’s clear to see that opposing ideas on the future of video marketing is evident in media today. However, one thing is for sure: it’s still going to be the preferred method of advertising. As the percentage of users on mobile devices explodes, more content gets moved online. Such a trend is likely to increase.

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