The Most Agile Video Production Techniques You’ll Ever Learn

Agile Video Production Techniques

Conventional planning as well as project management implementation are great ways to run your business and, indeed, your video productions. But have you ever stopped to consider that there might be an even greater one? We have – it’s called an “agile project management process.”

The Agile method began its life as an approach to software development and it follows a series of major principles.  The Agile manifesto boils them down to four major values which are:

* Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

* Working software over comprehensive documentation

* Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

* Responding to change over following a plan

So while value is still placed on the items on the right, more value is placed on the ones in boldface.

The world we live in gets more digital every single day and so customer needs are changing right along with them. And in this case, digital means instant; once it’s out there, it’s OUT THERE and all the planning in the world that went into it can theoretically go out of the window if things happen that were unexpected.

Unfortunately most agencies don’t include an Agile agenda on their business roster and for good reason; there’s a huge learning curve when adopting it. But the benefits are huge.

Agile allows for greater client happiness. Under this system, the process of delivering work is enhanced which leads the getting buy-in from the client every step of the way. Video production becomes more transparent, more fun, and more collaborative. Yay!

Agile also helps with employee satisfaction. When your team has a clearer map, knows where they’re going and what’s expected, they’re released from the stress of last-minute demands – and their results are maximized. And because of regular client check-ins, your employees gain a sense of ownership resulting in a much greater end product.

The Kanban method of management is a great way to adopt Agile. Kanban encourages the slow but consistent adoption of changes to system improvements. By adopting huge changes at once often results in failure because of resistance and fear within in an organization. Kanban respects the current process, roles, responsibilities and titles. This should ease the adoption of the Agile process into your system.

Here at Rip Media Group, we embrace the Agile Project Management Process and, frankly, always have. Our clients get to see where we are at every step of the way; you are encouraged to add your thoughts to every step along the way; and there are no unpleasant surprises. At the end of the day, we can’t tell your story unless we work closely together so we can learn it; and you can’t get a great video production unless we’re right by your side every step of the way. So Agile is the way we move and the mindset we thrive on.