“People Love the Underdog: More Video Marketing Hacks

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Are you afraid that you’re the underdog?

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re falling too far under the radar to win good customers.

Take it from a video production and story pro, being the underdog is a good thing!

I think we can all agree that both history and the film industry have shown us that underdogs often come out on top, despite the odds that are stacked against them.

In fact, all of the challenges and obstacles they face along the way are ultimately what help them rise to the top.

We all relate to the underdog because … yes … we all feel like we are the underdog in some way.

Like the classic cartoon dog always used to say, “Have no fear, Underdog is here!”

So how do you underdog your marketing video? Watch the video to find out!

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If you are in the 1.98% that likes to read, here is the transcript for the video!

Maury Rogow here from RIP Media Group ripping through some video marketing hacks. Here it is, rule number 8 of great storytelling. You’re the hero and everyone loves you, right? Did you root for Apollo Creed to beat the underdog, Rocky? We typically root for the underdog.

Your community and your brand can be the underdog and win. The reason is this, we all have empathy for the underdog, because we all feel like we’re the underdog in one way or another. People want to work with the underdog. If you’re a small company, it’s absolutely wonderful to highlight that. It means customers get more personalized service. Embrace the underdog. Be proud of it. Talk about it. Make sure you’re using this in conjunction with the next rule of story coming right up.