Update from the video editing bay

To pull the magic out of film footage, it takes hours with skilled editors and producers to find the deeper story.

We have been here working on four RipMedia projects this week.  As I sit back, I realize it might be interesting to show what this glamorous world looks like for those who have never been in an edit room with multiple screens, power macs, RAID drives for back up and so on.

Glamorous?  Inside the story it is, its great fun.

Putting together the story takes days, especially if your script, storyboards, and even production day footage doesnt go as planned…It never does.

Building the story is critical, but so is the music score and voice actors, if they are used.  Music can be one of the biggest decisions in creating the world, the mood, and momentum of the scene.

Across LA there are hundreds of these rooms, but this one, and these two, collaborators are my favorites.

Wishing you a great weekend!