Why Video Production Companies Sell Your Tech Better

Video Production Companies

There’s a reason why surgeons don’t operate on family members and attorneys are strongly advised not to represent themselves in court. In so many instances, doing a good job requires a degree of emotional distance. Selling your high-tech products falls into that category.

Outside Perspective

You’re almost certainly too close to your products and your company to promote them effectively. You lack the perspective and the fresh eyes required to tell a compelling story.

Professional advertisers and video creators can study your brand and recognize its most intriguing elements. They’ll pick out the qualities that consumers will find the most attractive. Then they’ll weave those elements together to fashion an enthralling video or series of videos.

On the other hand, business leaders might be tempted to focus on the things they’re proudest of, but those details may not resonate with the public. For example, maybe you’ve built an environmentally friendly warehouse and you want to show it off in a marketing video. Though that project may be admirable, it might not persuade people to buy from you.

Master Storytellers

Video pros are master storytellers. They know just how long to linger on an image so it’ll have maximum impact. They can edit pieces so they’re swift and entertaining but not so flashy or fast-paced that they lose meaning. They can come up with fresh, invigorating concepts that stand out. Best of all, the vivid pictures they paint will make it easy for people to understand your technological products and advancements.

Not to mention, these experts can work fairly rapidly and with great accuracy. They don’t make the kinds of rookie mistakes that require reshoots and inflate advertising budgets.

In the final analysis, human beings want to hear stories. It’s the way we’re wired, and it’s part of our shared history. Thus, stories are powerful tools for convincing people who’ve never heard of you to trust you. Stories sell, not tech. When you partner with creative raconteurs who have the latest communications technologies at their disposal, your corporate reputation can shine like a beacon through cyberspace and beyond.

Check out the highlights from a talk I was fortunate to give a group of entrepreneurs.  Story is everything.  

The Power of Visual Storytelling from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

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