What do LexisNexis, Cisco, the U.N., & Harvard have in common? (Video Marketing #5)


What do Fortune 500, Charities, and Startups have in common? Videos Created by Rip Media Group.


‘O.G.P.’ Only. Good. People.

If you’ve worked with Rip Media Group, chances are you’ve heard us use that acronym. We don’t want to toot our own horn, but our clients actually like us, A LOT. A lot. And we like them, A LOT.

Because like attracts like.

Here’s what the GOOD PEOPLE we partner with have to say in their own words.

Senior Director of Marketing at LexisNexis (leading global provider of research, analytics, and risk management) has this to say:

Testimonial Video Lexis-Nexis

Listen to what VP of Marketing at Vigilant (a fast-growing tech company) had to say:

Testimonial Video: Vigilant Solutions

Watch to hear CEO of KnowRe (a software education company)! After using our videos to pitch his company, they raised $6.8mm!

KnowRe CEO Testimonial

Watch to see what CEO of Imagine LA (a local non-profit) has to say! They received $240,000 in donations the night this was shown!

Imagine LA Behind the Scenes Video: Motion Graphics Mixed with Live Footage

If you’re receiving this email, you are GOOD PEOPLE, too! The kind of GOOD PEOPLE we would be thrilled to come alongside and cheer on!

Let us help you, or your company, by learning what makes you VALUABLE, DIFFERENT, and EXCEPTIONAL. We will create a visual and memorable story that is as unique as you are. And we will share it with the world.

Come on — join our O.G.P. Team! We want to work with you and people like you.

SHARE US with your colleagues and we will donate to a charity in your name.

Have an amazing day!


P.S. One of the best questions to ask yourself and your team is — “When do we hear an ‘AHA’ moment?” (What do our customers like about working with us – that is not the obvious choice?)

Have a look at our creative brief to help you understand what makes you unique:

Creative Brief

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