Why an Intro or Explainer Video Is Your Next, Best “Smart” Investment

Explainer Video is a Smart Investment

Smart video ad programs are both individualizing the advertising experience for the consumer and adapting their delivery system for a generation of avid mobile users. Your best move? Follow their lead. From intro video to explainer video, smart video technologies can anticipate customer support queries, improve relations and brand loyalty and extend opportunities for offering value-added services—all with data you already have.

Turning Data into Experiences

Fact: Your business has a lot of hard data on your customers, whether you are selling products or services. If the former: you know what they buy, what they look at but don’t buy, and where they shop. If the latter: you know where your service falls short, based on customer service inquiries. Either way, put that data to use. Use smart technologies in an intro video to explain a new customer’s first bill line-by-line, creating an individualized experience and addressing confusion before it ever occurs. Or integrate their online product views into an explainer video for the website, combining a useful tool with subtle marketing tactics. You’ll personalize an experience, generate positive feelings in your customers and improve your chances for long-term brand loyalty.

Setting and Measuring Success Criteria
Once you’ve created your smart intro or explainer video, the most important step is setting and measuring your goals. Quantifying a straight marketing video is easy: Does the video rack up views and, in turn, sales? Contextual video is more complicated. Are you looking for targeted cost reduction? More return on ad spending? Higher customer satisfaction? Set your success criteria early and measure often to ensure your videos are generating ROI as you use them throughout the customer lifespan to retain, upsell and reward.

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