Why Video Productions Go Viral

Why Video Productions go Viral

So you’ve got your excellent video production – most likely produced by Rip Media Group – but now what? It’s sitting on your landing page for the world to see, but the question is: where’s the world? Where’s that huge audience? How does your beautiful video go viral?

Well, it’s funny you should ask because we’ve got some answers.

Participation    You want to ensure that your video connects with people on an emotional level. Once that connection is there, people are more driven to share it. Viewers want to say “look at this, it moved me” which, in turn, will make other viewers do the same thing. Emotions are universal so tap into them as often as you can. If your video production talks to people, they’re more willing to interact and become involved.

Tastemakers    Let’s talk about all those hugely popular bloggers out there who already have massive audiences. Once they reblog your video, there’s a greater chance that it might go viral. So how do you get them to do that if you don’t know any? Tastemakers come in all shapes and sizes and they’re always on the lookout for something to blog about. If a smaller blogger is posting your video there’s a chance a bigger one might also see it and post it. You need to start reaching out to people in your network and asking them to post and share it wherever they can. Whether it’s on a blog or on Facebook, the more you can get your people to share it, the greater the chance it’ll catch on with someone with a much bigger following.

Shock & Awe  The only thing “new” about video is that, thanks to the web, video productions are easier to share.  But literally millions of videos are uploaded to the web on a daily basis – they are a dime a dozen.  What’s going to make your video any better?  In a word: Originality.  In a few more: Be different.  Be bold.  Take chances.  Be interesting.  How else are you going to stand out in an ocean of other videos?  Sure, you’re selling something, but sell it in a way that appeals to viewers.  We know you have a great product – but unless the video production is just as great, it’s not necessarily going to pop.

So there you go; three ways to help your video productions go viral.  Now go knock ’em dead!