Why Does Kinetic Typography Matter?

The right words, presented in the right way, can have a strong impact on the delivery of your message. That’s why Rip Media offers industry-leading Kinetic Typography services for your business.

Kinetic typography is an animation technique that uses text and motion to visually convey ideas. It helps the viewer focus in on and retain key concepts in your presentation.

Kinetic Typography can be used to enhance key portions of sales videos and video sales letters. It can also draw out the main ideas and concepts in all kinds of presentations. It works well in training modules when you want to zero in on core concepts that your employees need to remember and is especially effective when combined with music or other auditory media.

Most of all, videos that utilize Kinetic Typography are fun to watch, and they make immediate visual associations that leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Contact us to find out more about how Rip Media can use Kinetic Typography to enhance your next visual media project.