Web Video Commercials

When you have good web video content that explains your product or service, it helps your entire company. Web video is becoming as critically important as your website itself. Well-produced short video can deliver your message quickly and more effectively than pages of text.

Even two years ago, ‘talking head’ videos were enough to attract attention.

No longer. Directly addressing your audience does have a place (FAQ’s, interviews, and press clips). Using motion graphic animation, whiteboard animation, and story-based video has been proven to convert visitors at dramatically higher rates than text, photos, and even older style video.

How do we start a web video commercial?

You can start by downloading the starter guide: How To Write Compelling Video, or, click into the creative brief.

We start with a discovery conversation. Our team takes time to understand your goals, build your buyer profile, and learn about the key benefits of your product. Then we create compelling stories and characters to engage your audience…and make your job a whole lot easier.

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Whiteboard Animation

Motion Graphic Animation

If you would like to start, contact us anytime.

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