Not a likely candidate for case study videos.


But the advantages are numerous for testimonial or case study videos in animation.

A client of ours had multiple case studies and a short amount of time before the biggest their trade show of the year.  By creating stories, rather than product demonstrations, or talking head videos, the videos were displayed with great success and helped them stand out from the crowd.

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Let’s look at the ‘Pros and Cons’ of whiteboard animation for case study videos:


  • Lower cost than travel and crew for high quality
  • Creative engagement of the viewer is typically higher
  • No travel required
  • Less logistical engagement from either client
  • Faster production – Typically true for multiple videos
  • Scenes can be created in any setting – If working with hard to film locations, like NASA, we can create a ‘lunar landing’ in hours.
  • Difficult subject matter can be sensitively addressed – See examples


  • Not as authentic as live footage (but far easier to control)

Here are two examples that tell compelling stories, and explain why the product was useful, even with serious subjects.

Counter Terrorism


We have dozens of examples in different styles, colors, and story types. If you would like help with whiteboard animation, ‘explainer video’ creation, or launching your product, please CONTACT US. We are happy to help.

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