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Idaho Whiteboard Animation Launchnest

More whiteboard animation projects in Idaho.  Rip Media thanks you.

It is proven that utilizing video as part of your  marketing strategy can increase conversion rates by over 200%. It is dramatic. Whiteboard animation video is engaging to multiple senses, and inherently has a sense of mystery and fun.

Video is typically the most viewed content on websites. It is also great for Search Engine Optimization. If your video is useful, fun, or unique, people will share it. Our motto is: K.I.S.S. – Keep it short and sharable. For an entire guide on how to create great video, download and share this guide,

On this page, lets focus on examples of Idaho whiteboard animations.

This was created for a start up that is creating a community that will help and give expertise in educational projects – for teachers, educators, or anyone with a great idea.

Only a few video production companies, like Rip Media Group, add visual effects, sound effects, and music to create a more engaging experience for viewers with whiteboard animation, let alone the work we do with typography, and motion graphic animation… As you can see with this commercial video for a mixed martial arts academy, a couple of extra animations were added in post production:

Engaging, and fun to watch – the viewer is compelled to wonder what comes next. Telling a story is possible without the expense of an entire live video production. These videos are  called by many names, such as:  sketch board animation, rsa-style animation, animated storyboards, speed drawing, telestrations, whiteboard videos, video scribe, and even UPS commercial style video (as they ran a very successful marketing campaign based on this style).  Most are used as sales video, in addition to being web video.

These videos can be used to explain hard to understand product or services, such as the above product launch. This is another reason they are called by the name ‘explainer videos’. The CEO decided to base his entire company’s website around whiteboard animation videos, and had amazing results. The first week of operation, he was picked up by industry leading news organization, and signed multiple clients and partners.

As you can see, these are a different style, what do you like better – single frame or multiple scenes?

Fundraising organizations have found great success with whiteboard animation, or whiteboard explainer videos. This video was seen tens of thousands of times, and the bill they proposed, was passed, a wonderful success story for the group.

We have dozens of examples in different styles, colors, and story types. If you would like help with whiteboard animation, explainer video creation, or launching your product, please CONTACT US. We are happy to help.

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