Cepheid – Cepheid Xpress (Hand-drawn Whiteboard Animation)

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Today we are sharing our Whiteboard Animation for Cepheid.

They are a medical equipment company that was looking for a way to market their newest line of molecular diagnostic testing equipment, the GeneXpert Xpress.

Why Hand-drawn Whiteboard Animation?

The GeneXpert Xpress is small, incredibly easy to use and can do many of the same things that a large lab does, in a fraction of the time.
On top of that, the test results are available in minutes, not days like a lab would take.
Overall this is an important piece of equipment that can offer doctors and patients many advantages over the older diagnostic methods.

They reached out to Rip Media Group to create an engaging and entertaining video. The team at Rip Media Group worked with Cepheid to identify their key messages, highlight the right features and tell the right story using hand-drawn animation.

Cepheid was thrilled with their final video and are anxious to use it in their sales meetings and on the web to help tell the story of this new equipment and the multiple benefits for both doctors and patients.