Finding the Right Video Style for Your Branding Needs

Finding the Right Style for Your Branding Needs

As a content marketing agency who specializes in in-house video production, we understand the importance of having the versatility in producing different styles of videos. It is important to note that not every client will want the same type of video nor do clients always know which style of video will suit their needs best. The visual style of the video must be appropriate to the subject mater it depicts — meaning that not all types of videos will work for a client’s services or products. Rip Media Group is well equipped with professionals who can produce a variety of video styles for our clients’ needs. Let’s break down some of the most popular video styles we produce.

Motion Graphic Video

Motion graphic videos have been around for decades — validating their popularity through their versatility. Simply put, motion graphics are animated graphics, or graphics with movement to them. Almost every advertisement, movie or music video you come across has some form of motion graphic elements. It is a popular style that many clients are attracted to because of the flexible nature of its uses.

Live Action Video

Live action videos are often chosen when there are specific people or actors that the clients wish to feature in the video. Some clients also wish for the most realistic portrayal of their particular product or service, resulting in their choice to visually display their brand through live action. Ranging from interview footage to b-roll, live action videos have a strong historical root in video production that won’t be disappearing any time soon.

Hybrid Video

Not hybrid cars, not hybrid animals, but HYBRID VIDEOS! Rip Media Group specializes in creating hybrid videos for our clients when they feel a blend of styles will suit their needs the best. When we use the term “Hybrid,” that typically includes a live action video with some sort of motion graphic overlays or animation. Hybrid videos have that “WOW” factor and are gaining more and more popularity due to their versatility in telling a story.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography is the technical term for “moving words.” It deals with the use of specific words to carry out the graphics and message behind the video. These words are then animated in a way that tells the story the client wishes to convey to its audience. Kinetic Typography has its roots back to the early 1900s, but it’s remained steadily in use from the mid 1950s on. Telling a story through just text is a difficult task, but the team at Rip Media Group specializes in creating visually stunning effects through the use of kinetic typography.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos usually deal with whiteboard drawings simulated on the screen. Each frame starts off blank, while the image slowly starts with the drawing of characters and backgrounds. Our roots stem from whiteboard animation, and it’s still one of our favorite types of animation.  Whiteboard Animation is very popular, yet, to be noticed in 2015, they need to have expert level custom art, and be mixed with one of the above styles to stand out from the crowd.

If you have questions about any of the above styles, or would like some help creating a video or series for your company, please know that we are here to help.