4 Tips to Create an Engaging Whiteboard Animation Production

Creating Effective and Engaging Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animation productions require careful decision-making, inventive ideas, and gutsy implementations in order to succeed.

Did you know that Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple), was also involved in the development of Pixar Studios? Talk about a creative giant! They were floundering a bit until he invested and took them in new directions.

But even the smartest, wealthiest and most creative people around the world know that animation looks easy when it tells a great story.

That is the point. It is supposed to look seamless and gorgeous, so you are focused on the story itself, rather than the parts that made it all happen.

And, yes, it is still very hard work. Just a note on Pixar, the average per minute rate of video is $500,000 – 1million. Yes, per minute. There is so much preparation and testing and review and creative that goes inside.

Now, we work on budgets that are a fraction of that, but, we use the very same techniques, honed over a thousand videos, two feature films, and hundreds of campaigns. Like any new product your company might endeavor, preparation is key to successful execution.

If you or your company are looking to make a whiteboard animation production, a professional production company (ahem, like humble ol’ Rip Media Group) can help guide you through a successful production.

We know what to prepare during pre-production, how to have a smooth filming process and finish post-production with ease.

Why does any of that matter?
It makes YOUR JOB EASIER, and it makes you much more likely to be the local hero for delivering a killer campaign.

Here’s just a glimpse of what the will help you create an effective and engaging white animation production:

  1. A Great Script. If you’ve been following Rip Media Group’s blogs, you know that Story is one of the most important elements of any production—including a whiteboard animation production. Successful experts in Hollywood all say different variations of the same thing– “Just tell a great story, and everything else will fall into place.”

So, how do you make a great script? We connect our clients to some of the greatest      storytellers in the entertainment industry. Their long-standing track record with us has proven that their whiteboard animation stories attract viewers. By utilizing character, arc, call to action, and more, they draft up tales that are best represent our client’s product or business. The professional screenwriter that works on your project will make sure your story has a believable beginning, middle, and end.

After all, filmmaking is mean to impersonate life! Yes, even animation! Think of your favorite Disney or Pixar productions—even the “craziest” characters are still a depiction of heightened qualities in real people. Before animation happens, you must have a solid script.

2. Timing is everything. Now that you know your story will have a beginning, middle, and end, it’s important that your professional animator is able to keep pace with the story!
That’s why we work with artists who have lots of experience. It’s imperative to keep people’s attention. Tell your story in a manner that doesn’t take long to unfold—you want viewers to get a grasp of what you are saying, but in a short amount of time.

You might say, “But Maury, I sat through all of ‘Coco’ and loved it!” It was a great movie. But truth be told, you were in a dark theater and your cell was off (or at least, it should’ve been). So aside from your neighbor munching on popcorn or the infrequent cry of a baby in the theater, you didn’t have any distractions. You were able to look at the screen for two hours.

But with smaller screen productions, it’s different. Phone calls, texts, email, web-surfing are just some of the technological distractions that can pull your potential viewers away. Then add on to human distractions—running errands, dinner on the table, meetings with co-workers… you get the picture.

At Rip Media Group, we want our stories to silence the distractions, and have your potential customers actually watch what you to have to say. Your whiteboard animation production can’t afford to be boring. Luckily, at Rip Media Group we never make them boring!

3. Powerful Imagery. At the heart of successful whiteboard animations are dynamic illustrations and powerful imagery. A majority of the time spent on whiteboard animation production will be creating images. Why?

Because it’s the images that your potential customers will focus on the most. Animated films are rarely a bomb at the box office. The captivating imagery attracts people of all ages.

One reason Disney, Pixar Studios, and Dreamworks are so popular is that their animators create a world of characters that people want to watch. Think about “Toy Story.” It’s no wonder that the success of the first film led to a second and third part of the franchise.

When people love watching the quality animation, they’ll watch more of your work. That’s one reason why I’ll recommend companies to create a series of marketing videos. Their clients or potential clients will be ready to click from one to the other.

4. Captivating Audio. A tell-tale sign of a high-quality production is their sound quality. Amateur filmmakers make common mistakes—the audio can be out of sync, the levels are off, the music doesn’t match the tone of the film. But professional production companies don’t make those mistakes.

Steven Spielberg once said, “At the heart of every great film is an even greater soundtrack.” The composers he works with are at the top of their field. Music has the ability to manipulate people’s feelings. So make sure your audio adds to the value of your whiteboard animation production and doesn’t distract from it.

Character voice-overs should be dynamic and believable, not annoying so that your viewers want to press “pause,” right away. When you strive for excellence, make sure that also includes your audio choices.

Years ago, whiteboard animation started as a succession of static shots that a camera captured. I consider those to be the “primitive years” of whiteboard animation production. But now, producing them is much easier thanks to sophisticated programs like Adobe Illustrator and animation software like AfterEffects.

There are so many options to get started with your latest vlog or personal project! But if you’re a company looking to expand your marketing strategy, don’t risk it—work professionals who know what they’re doing. At Rip Media Group, our years of experience and interrogated film connections will provide your company with video marketing options that will best suit your business.

If you would like help producing your whiteboard animation, our production team would love to work with you. Just reach out to us at http://www.ripmediagroup.com. We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.

Or start with a creative brief at https://ripmediagroup.com/creative-brief. Remember, your story starts here!