Marketing Videos and Halloween Spookiness

Halloween Spookiness with Whiteboard Animation

Is Your Marketing Video a Trick or a Treat?

As the undead rise on All Hallow’s Eve, so should your story!

Like a vampire thirsting for blood, our cravings center around telling your story to the world using compelling video and visual storytelling.

We take pleasure in creating videos for our clients. Truth be told, we enjoy creating our own videos as well.  Whether it’s classic whiteboard animation, 2D motion graphics, live action, 3D or any hybrid in between, it’s nice to take a break from “work” and have a little fun.

Happy Halloween, Happy Creating, Happy Storytelling, Happy Candy-Eating, from all of us at Rip Media Group.  Rip Media Group … your story starts here!

Our Frighteningly Talented Team of Creatives Are Dying to Produce Your Next Video!

If you would like a holiday video for your brand…Let us know sooooon!


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