Six Benefits of Whiteboard Animations in Corporate Training

Whiteboard Animations in Corporate Training

Let’s be straight here: If I say ‘corporate video’ what adjectives come to mind?

Exactly, we all know how bland and boring traditional corporate videos could be. You’re forced to watch these videos – they have been roughly the same since the 1950s.

So, to stand out from the crowd, we have changed the script (literally) by using whiteboard animations and motion graphic animation videos have a wide variety of benefits for corporate training!

As businesses brainstorm better ways to train new employees during the onboarding process, corporate animation videos can help streamline fast results.

But first, let me examine where traditional training programs fall short and how Rip Media Group can improve them.


What does your company’s training process look like? Do you just hand your employees a packet, tell them to read and hope for the best? Oh boy. You’re increasing the likelihood that your trainees will have a lot of questions without a lot of answers.

Granted, it’s helpful to jump into hands-on training, but only if your trainees are clear on how their new position should be executed. Literature and hands-on training are both certainly helpful for new employees, but there are more creative and effective ways to show them how their job works.

Don’t have new employees spend hours reading through paperwork they might not remember. Videos are the solution! But what kind of videos?


Years ago, corporate videos used to feature one narrator talking straight to the camera lens; the editing would lag, the pace would be slow, and ultimately, your trainees would not retain all of the information given (due to boredom).

Granted, that doesn’t mean all “talking head” videos are bad! When you work with a professional production company like Rip Media Group, we have had years and years of experience to help spice of corporate videos.

But there are other options as well—consider whiteboard animation videos for your corporate video needs?

“Maury, my business isn’t an elementary school. How could an animation video possibly help my company?”

You would be surprised with the effectiveness of whiteboard animation videos in corporate training.


Please don’t confuse cartoons with whiteboard animation videos. They are different art forms, which I go into greater detail in previous blogs. While cartoons are stagnant images on a piece of paper, whiteboard animation videos focus on an artist actively drawing images that partner with an engaging story.

So, whiteboard animation videos are great corporate videos for any company! Why? Here are six reasons to consider incorporating whiteboard animations into your corporate media production schedule.

1. Animation videos are interesting to watch. They help your employees engage with the material (as opposed to getting them tired or distracted). That’s because, psychologically, people like to anticipate how an artist is going to finish a painting. Rip Media Group works with professional artists who draw captivating images.

Some companies and schools even create whiteboard animation videos in order to accompany text-based courses. Employees and students get excited to watch an animation and everyone’s attention spans increases.

2. Animation videos turn complicated processes into simple explanations. At Rip Media Group, we’re all about the power of story. We work with expert screenwriters who skillfully craft scripts for animated videos. So, no matter how complex your company’s process might be, our artists break it down step-by-step visually and our narrators explain the process.

That means whether your new employees are audio or visual learners, they’ll learn! Whether your company needs your trainees to know how to perform a task, illustrate products to customers, learn a new data system or more, a whiteboard animation video can help.

3. Animation videos help boost the spirits of team members. When everyone watches and listens to the same material, individuals are unified as a group. Team morale increases when everyone knows how to accomplish the long-term vision with short-term goals.

Whiteboard animation videos also spark positive conversation between employees, like “I like how it explained [xyz],” and “now, I know how to [xyz]!” It’s also important to remember that whiteboard animation videos can create a relaxed, informal impact. People don’t feel the pressure to remember details, they just do remember the details.

4. Animation videos are easily accessible. The internet has changed the way many businesses actually do business! Work from home, train online, or satellite locations will only continue to increase.

Consider uploading your corporate video onto an unlisted YouTube link or Vimeo password-protected link. While both online video distributors can be used for personal reasons, businesses should also take advantage of these resources for their company! This way, new trainees or students can watch your entertaining corporate video again and again (if they want to), from home.

They can even show friends and family members about what it is like to work for such a great company… which doubles your corporate video as a marketing video too!

5. Animation videos are effective ongoing tools. Our most successful clients know that creating one whiteboard animation corporate video is good, but creating a series is even better. Whether you’re introducing a new idea, new program, new product, or new position to team members, you can show another whiteboard animation video that will help explain the process behind it.

6. Whiteboard animation videos are trending. Why? Because they successfully communicate a point, product or process through visually-stimulating pictures hand-drawn by an artist. They appeal to everyone (any age, any walk of life). They are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The future of corporate video training is with whiteboard animation videos.

It’s no mystery that we live in a visual world, constantly in demand for more. Business managers everywhere have updated their corporate videos with a sleek and entertaining new design.

Whiteboard animations are gaining popularity as a medium because they have a much stronger impact than static images and text alone. Whiteboard animation videos are powerful corporate videos. They can bring your message to life in ways you never thought possible, save time during your corporate trainings, and get your employees prepared for their future with your company.

Is your company thinking about making your next corporate training video? Rip Media Group would love to work with you. Just reach out to us at or call (888)899-8910! We love producing motion whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, live-action video to help people like you reach your goals.

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