Thermo Fisher Scientific (Whiteboard Animation)

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Imagine if you had to explain to someone how to do a scientific experiment, accompanied by a kit and very scientific-sounding ingredients.  Unless your audience was filled with chemical engineers, they would probably have trouble staying awake throughout your explanation. 

That was the challenge Rip Media Group faced in an effort to deliver a product demonstration of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Invitrogen multiplex panels and services and mixing simplex.  Considering we’re not chemical engineers, we knew we had to create a video that was engaging and visually entertaining so that it could rise above the very technical and scientific language.

  • First, with guidance from the client, we chose a whiteboard animation style to enhance the visual impact.
  • Next, we had to work hard to understand the language and the exact process that the client wanted us to describe.  Even though it may sound like “the knee bone’s connected to the shin bone,” we actually needed to fully understand the process to be able to write a coherent video script.
  • Finally, we pieced together all the images into a compelling visual narrative, so while there were probably a lot of viewers in lab coats, many of them probably had a smile on their face as they felt connected to the story and the visuals.

As a result of this collaboration, Thermo Fisher Scientific is now able to enhance their customer service by offering media that educates their demographic on how their products are beneficial.

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