Cheap Whiteboard Animation Is Dead. Long Live Story! (Part 2)

Whiteboard Animation is Dead

A short while ago we posted a blog that boldly – with tongue firmly buried in cheek – proclaimed that  ‘whiteboard animation is dead’.  

We’ve had a lot of responses to that blog, with brands asking if they should change what they’re planning in terms of whiteboard animation video.

The short answer is “read this and then decide.”

The longer answer is below, but know that Whiteboard Animation is alive and well when done correctly. You might be asking–

“But Maury, how can I make sure my whiteboard animation video is done correctly?”

If you have a quality brand and product, you need a quality whiteboard animation video. then whiteboard animation should be dead to you.

Whiteboard animation works well when it is done with quality.

As I mentioned in the first article, don’t settle for cheap quality, because that will be reflective of poorly of your company’s brand image. You get what you pay for. So work with an experienced whiteboard animation production company like Rip Media Group. Otherwise, you might hear some stories like these–

The Dangers of Inexperienced or The Low-Cost Animation Production Company

1. Some of our clients have been burned by previous production companies who took their money but didn’t work with talented artists or storytellers. When they received their final project, it didn’t meet the expectations they had set for marketing goals. They had to learn the hard way that trying to cut every corner in whiteboard animation production doesn’t help in the long-run.
in one particular case, a business contacted my team and me, a professional video production and certainly a leading whiteboard animation production company, for their next project. I’m glad they did, and they are glad they did as well.   That one project turned in to a series of a dozen projects that have been highly successful for the brand…and they are now able to deliver stories that they were never able to do before.  This is one of the reasons I’m so proud of my Rip Media team – we are able to turn the sour situations into a win for our clients.

2. Sending your video, your brand story, your first and most watched piece of content off to low-end animation studios in other parts of the world.  The chances of success are low and your timeline, our number of revisions, the ability to have the subtle timing that is needed with humor, surprise, or fear in your story, are likely to be lost in translation.  The best bet will bet is a very basic result, if you are able to show what has been produced at all. It is a pure gamble as to whether you will have a shred of success.

3. Production companies who are just starting out might quote you a lower price, yet, they know all of the expenses required for whiteboard animation are going to add up…you’ll see them on your final bill or be hit for extra costs every few emails.  I wouldnt want to work with someone that makes me cringe each time next invoice comes along.  Yup, they’ll request more money from your company in order to get a completed project. These change orders increase both your ultimate price and stress.

Whiteboard animation production shouldn’t cost your company an arm and a leg, but make sure you invest enough to work with professionals and a talented team. When you work with Rip Media Group your investment reaps a great reward. High-end technique and style are the only options. Your whiteboard animation production has got to blow people’s socks off and grab attention!

Now for the important questions:

Do you want people to watch your video?
It has to have quality.

Do you want people to watch your video for more than three seconds?
It has to have a captivating story.

Do you want people to share your video on social media?
It has to be original and custom made.

Just look at any three of the many whiteboard animations we’ve produced here at Rip Media Group. We communicate with each of our clients to decipher purpose, the goals, and the critical message they need to accomplish.  In each of our videos, our clients get handcrafted art, original stories, and all are original in the way they are designed and presented…some are full hand draw, many have animation to grab viewers attention or to highlight or accentuate areas of the story, and some mix styles with motion graphic or live-action scenes.

Our customers have different audiences, different corporate messages, and different brand guidelines. The examples I’ve included below feature the following styles:

A. A very realistic art style based on historical figures,
B. A more character-based animation because the subject matter is already quite serious,
C. More symbol-based animation.

All of these videos have increased revenue for our clients, improved their brand awareness, and have had wonderful results:

In this video, Phenomenex and The Analytical Scientist joined together to create the Humanity in Science Award, a prize that recognizes the research and science carried out that impacts the health and well-being of others. The clients tasked Rip Media Group to create an engaging call-to-action video to generate awareness and spur on submissions to the prize with amazing results.

In this whiteboard animation video, the goal was to help explain the changes in the US educational system. We did it by telling a story and incorporating some great animation!

This whiteboard animation was done for Manatt Digital Media, a disruptive full-service digital media services business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Their audience ranges from individuals to companies of every size; start-ups, growing businesses, or the mature public.

The bottom line is don’t tarnish your brand with a “less than professional-grade” video” that not only neglects to tell the world your story, but also portrays to your customers that you don’t invest in your own company.

Think about this for a second… you’re constantly comparing your business to that of your competitor’s, right? When they put up a video that looks cheap or doesn’t grab attention, you are relieved! You think, “’PHEW! Dodged a bullet there!”

On the other hand… when your arch rival puts up their quality new video or videos, you feel like “they might grab some of our business!” Why? Because they look like their investing in their own company. When their video matches their brand, tells a good story, has a clear message, and grabs attention, they’re ahead of the game! Don’t let your competition take you down, instead, rise to the occasion!

Work with Rip Media Group to create your next corporate video series that is even better than your competitors. Let’s do things right together!

Indeed, whiteboard animation is alive and well – as long as a story is a part of it, and you’re not doing some cheap version. Rip Media Group knows a lot about whiteboard animation production; we were recently voted the Number One production company for whiteboard animation video productions.

With those credentials established, we can speak with some authority on what constitutes a good story, and a great whiteboard animation video. Call us to understand more about it.

Remember – your story starts here!