Whiteboard Animation Videos: Imagine – Envision – Memorize

Imagine Whiteboard Animation Videos

How do we absorb information and learn new things? It depends partly on our learning styles and interests, but in general, we tune into information that we find the most interesting. Nowadays, people are so bombarded by video ads online, that businesses continually have to find new ways to capture their attention.

As a business owner, you have to beat out the other video ads out there with something unique and powerful. Whiteboard animation videos are one of the best ways to do this, by channeling your information into entertaining explainer videos or demos.


There was a time when whiteboard animations were too expensive and far too time consuming. This is not true any more, because of a number of new tools which have surfaced in the digital technology world.


Whiteboard animation technology in the past was referred to as video scribing, fast-hand drawing, and sketch cartoons. One of the most memorable early whiteboard animations was the UPS commercial where we witness a UPS man stand in front of a whiteboard who slowly appears on frame as the hand draws. The UPS truck became a plane, and the UPS box turned into a computer tracking system. What made this ad so successful is the fact that there is something memorable about watching sketch animations transform into other objects right before our eyes. Any way you look at it, whiteboard animations are fun and entertaining, and they are much more memorable than traditional ads.


One of the best uses of whiteboard technology is to create explainer videos.  Explainer videos demonstrate a process and appeal to potential buyers looking for information online about to do something. YouTube has millions of viewers per month who search for content on how to do something. If your business has an explainer video featuring whiteboard technology, you are several times more likely to capture the viewers attention.


As a branding strategy, whiteboard animation cannot be beat. It helps people recall your brand through visually appealing images. It gives you a versatile format that can easily be shared. While whiteboard animation is considered a relatively new format online, it has actually been around for a long time. It is the medium and the format (from analog to digital) that has evolved.

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