Whiteboard Video Animation for Delta Dental

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Delta Dental of Washington (DDWA) connected with Rip Media Group for a whiteboard video animation to explain their new fee modeling structure. 

In 2020, DDWA rolled out a new, more straightforward fee structure system designed to simplify paying dentists and pedodontists to ensure their members are spending “less time working through billing and more time working with their community and keeping smiles healthy. “

The Project

We made Delta Dental’s telestration using classic whiteboard animation styling. That means a minimalist background, whimsical hand-drawn elements, and hand placed items that explain a very complicated system in a relaxed and friendly way. 

Delta’s whiteboard video is a testament to the success that a classically done whiteboard animated video can have. That said, we still encountered several difficulties.

The Challenges

We needed to convey a complex message in an open and approachable manner. In other words, how do we make their message impactful? 

For one, not many people willingly sit through a conversation about finances (or dentistry, for that matter). Two, Delta’s message needed to be approachable enough that the general public could watch it without any explanation. The whiteboard animation also needed to be complex enough that Delta could use this telestration for stakeholder meetings.

We also needed to find a good and elegant way to cut down the run time of Delta’s video. Delta Dental had a lot of information to convey! While this whiteboard video started as a simple 2-minute explainer, it quickly grew to 4-6 minutes long. We needed to find an efficient way to cut that run time down into a manageable amount of footage.

The Solution

So, what made whiteboard video so good at explaining financial systems? 

Whiteboard video, or telestration, has an advantage over any other kind of video based medium. The simple graphics and mostly blank backgrounds help audiences retain information better because all distractions in the video are removed. 

To solve our second problem, we employed the power of brainstorming. This project ran long, but that’s okay. The extra time we spent on this project helped us drill down to what Delta, and we, believed to be the most critical aspects of their message. We’re glad that we took the time to distill their message with them. We believe that this video is better as a result. 

With Delta Dental, our video had the results we expected. Their audience easily digested the video that we made, and – based on their feedback – Delta Dental loved it! They will continue to use this video to market to investors, customers, and for internal educational purposes to communicate their 2020 plan to stakeholders inside the company. 

If you’d like to learn more about commissioning a whiteboard video animation like this, then reach out to us to start your video marketing journey. Your story starts here.

Production Company: Rip Media Group
Client: Delta Dental of Washington
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Creative Producer: Dan Tundis


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