3D Animation and Motion Graphic Video Hybrid – Accela: Transforming Communities

3D Animation and Motion Graphic Video Hybrid - Accela: Transforming Communities

Accela (https://www.accela.com) needed an explainer video to enhance their video marketing and show customers what Accela can do to help their customers (Government Agencies) grow their cities and connect better with citizens.

Let’s face it – government red tape is annoying! It can take far too long to get all the ducks in a row and get things done or built or get proper licenses and certificates. Accela presents a purpose-built solution to help governments around the issues of efficiency and help communities grow.

Accela turned to Rip Media Group to explain the number of services that help both citizens and cities connect over zoning, building, planning, licenses, and managing operations.

Our first step was to learn all about how Accela transforms communities through their process. From that exploration, our scriptwriter was able to put together a script that the client could sign off on.
Next, our art team was tasked with understanding the visuals on the client’s website, embracing that as a style for the video. The design was then created to blend the 2D vector art style reflected on the website with smart and well-crafted 3D animation
With the design in place, it was time for the animation team to get busy. They arranged for buildings to come up and the lighting to change and the shadows to change.

In the end, the Accela people had a video marketing piece they could post on their website or throw out at pitch meetings and say, “Hey, this is us. This is everything we do.”

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Video Transcription:

The story of creating a thriving community starts with city leaders who have a vision and passion for progress because developing smart and safe communities is a complex endeavor. 

It requires the expertise of many who not only understand city regulations and codes but they also understand the dreams of residents and the goals of business owners who are looking to build something great.

 That’s why so many city leaders partner with Accela. 

Accela’s software solutions designed specifically for government, have powered speedy paper free systems at every step of the journey in every area of city development.

The story always starts with a plot of land ensuring it’s zoned and permitted for development and moving the project plan through a seamless online approval process. 

When construction begins, the city leaders vision is brought to life in no time, red ribbons are cut, business owners open their doors, and customers flow in and out bringing vibrancy to the local economy. Automated notifications alert officials to conduct services like health inspections and city maintenance requests so that citizens feel safe and secure in their community and these stories, these breakthroughs are happening everywhere from permitting, licensing, code enforcement, service request management and more.

Everyday, Accela has been driving efficiency in cities, counties and states for more than 20 years and for more than 160 million citizens worldwide.

Accela helps governments grow businesses, protect citizens and build thriving communities. 

Let’s work together to do the same for you. 

Govern the future with Accela.