Client Review: Animated Video for Patient Advocacy Organization (Soul Sherpa)

Animated Video for Patient Advocacy Organization (Soul Sherpa)

Soul Sherpa, an independent advocate for healthcare patients, wanted an animated video for their video marketing efforts, so they turned to Rip Media Group. They gave us the following rating through Clutch, a third party review site:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here is what they said in their review:

As an independent patient advocate, I help people navigate different aspects of healthcare, including insurance benefits, hospitalization, surgery, and related issues. 

Most people don’t understand the work I do or what a private patient advocate is. Some don’t even know we exist. I wanted to create a video that could introduce potential clients to my work.

Rip Media Group offered options for storyboards, scripts, graphics, narrators, and a comprehensive 12-week timeline. 

They were excellent project managers. My two main contacts were easy to reach and we communicated regularly. We had weekly meetings to track the project and we all stayed within the same timeframe, with the same expectations.

They helped with everything. I explained my goals to them and they gave me two different options to choose from. They provided two storyboards with scripts, graphics, and a choice of narrator. I made some choices and then gave them input during weekly meetings. I discussed content and imagery with the creative project manager and we came up with a comprehensive 12-week timeline.

In a big place like Los Angeles, it’s virtually impossible to meet and build an ongoing relationship. They closed that gap with our weekly meetings, so I could actually see the people I worked with. They personalized our interaction in a city that can be so impersonal.

They successfully helped define a web presence and solidified messaging and consumer outreach. 

The volume of site visits has increased dramatically and the video is on the most commonly visited page. I’ve accomplished my goal to get the message across to viewers: medical costs are negotiable. I’m also able to advertise an app to users. They were a great investment.

After this video was posted and I was hired, $100,000 in savings became a reality.

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