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Yes, you too can create an Epic Story for your company and your Video Marketing efforts, and it all starts with the tried and true Hero’s Journey. 

The Hero’s Journey is a common trope used in all storytelling, especially big time

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Leavemark - Brand Video

Leavemark (leavemark.com) approached Rip Media Group with a specific need, create a lasting app video that would create an impression on new customers to sign up for their new social media platform. Leavemark is all about nostalgia, creating memories today

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Leavemark – Brand Video

Great videos and great video marketing can make a huge difference to the success of any company.

So what does it take to make a great video? It takes passion for storytelling – even while selling a product, service or company.


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Rip Media Group 2020 New Reel

Motion Graphics Video for Corcentric

Corcentric (Corcentric.com) wanted to continue the video marketing series they had made with Rip Media Group with a video introducing their new Cor360 Approval Workflow platform.

Imagine, as an AP professional, being able to receive and process invoices, while managing the

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Motion Graphics Video for Corcentric