Lucky The Penguin (Brand Story Video in Live Action) shorter version

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Dinsmore is a design and development company specializing in 3D modeling and printing. They approached Rip Media Group to help showcase what they did for Lucky the Penguin at the Santa Barbara Zoo in Santa Barbara, California. You see, Lucky was born without a foot. The zoo tried several attempts to create and fit an artificial foot so Lucky could live a normal, active penguin life. But all attempts failed.

Dinsmore immersed itself in the life of a penguin and fashioned a polymer boot to affix to Lucky so he could thrive in his natural habitat. And Rip Media group was there to document it. Combining live action with our own 3D art, Rip Media Group created this video to show Lucky’s transformation into an active, happy penguin (and father).

The editing process also featured dynamic music that fit the upbeat tone of Lucky’s story, as well as fun and engaging text graphics. In the end, Dinsmore was elated how the videos showcased their incredible cutting-edge technology, and the Santa Barbara Zoo was excited about how visitors could learn how one penguin received so much love and attention to make his life normal.

Production Company: Rip Media Group
Client: Dinsmore
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Creative Producer: Maury Rogow and Andy Glickman