Ghostbusters Take Center Stage: The Secret to Brand Storytelling

What is brand storytelling, and what do the ghostbusters have to do with it? 

First, let’s take a look at brand storytelling. Brand storytelling is the process of crafting a narrative around your brand. Think Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s has spent a lot of time, money, and planning cultivating a brand perception that’s eco-friendly, pro-social justice, full of family values, and just a little kooky.

Ben & Jerry’s even worked with us to help them tell a literal story about their brand that touches on all of these aspects. The video we made currently plays on repeat during their factory tour (as well as in our brains). 

(You can also listen to the whole Ben & Jerry’s story here.)

A brand story is all about equating your visual brand to something your customers are familiar with to build trust and rapport. 

Who You Gonna Call? Scaleout Software!

That brings us to the company we’ll be talking about today—Scaleout Software

Scaleout Software is a software company that deals in big data management. That means that Scaleout deals with many things that the average person will know next to nothing about and wouldn’t know how to research. So, they had a problem. 

Scaleout felt that their new software product could revolutionize how we work with big data, but how could they communicate that to their customers?  

That’s where we came in. We pitched an ambitious idea that blended comics, cartoons, and subtle pop culture references to make Scaleout’s product and visual brand identity more relatable to the average individual. 

Brand Storytelling’s Biggest Advantage: Relatability

Even though Scaleout is a tech company, they can now communicate complex messages using visual aids and familiar imagery to engage with their potential customers. 

Because Scaleout chose story over everything else, they could use the significant advantages that story offers companies. When it comes to branding, stories are shown to develop deeper connections, promote learning, and engage viewers more than almost anything else.

That brings us to the Ghost Busters (or the “Ghoul Busters” if you’re worried about copyright infringements).

Nothing is more relatable or iconic than three friends fighting ghosts with sci-fi beams and humor. If we say “there’s something strange in the neighborhood… “or “who you gonna call?” and ask you to finish the phrase, there’s not a single person we know who can’t do it every time.  (Maybe that just says something about the people we hang out with.  But you get my point!)

So, by positioning Scaleout in an accessible, cartoon world as one of Hollywood’s iconic trios, we created a video that would draw in customers with a nostalgia filled visual brand language.

Does Scaleout Software Agree?

In short, YES! Throughout ideation, design, production, and all the way to the final product Scaleout was beyond excited by our idea and execution. 

The video we created explained what Scaleout Software does in an easy-to-visualize and straightforward way that anyone can understand. 

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