Why Do Corporate Videos Fail?

Why do Corporate Videos Fail

If you’re reading this, you are probably considering making a corporate video for your business. Many businesses have found great success as a result of this mode of information delivery, but not every video proves to be successful. Don’t be discouraged — good videos make for good ROI. We can help you make an impactful video that distinguishes you from the competition. Using our expertise, we have listed various reasons why corporate videos fail and what you can do to avoid or correct some of these mistakes.

Poor Production Quality

What makes a “bad” video? Is the camera work shaky? Can you barely hear the dialog? Is the resolution low? Be honest with yourself and ask if a video is watchable. Prospective clients often abandon a video or website because of poor quality and it reflects poorly on the brand. It subliminally states that if the company doesn’t care about the quality of their video then they don’t care enough about the quality of your services. Don’t let this be your own downfall. Always be sure to seek a video production company that ensures that you will receive a high-quality, well-rendered video.

Poor Script and Plan

The key to a great video is borne of a great plan and script- the STORY. Your message should be clear and presented in a creative way. Don’t wait too long to introduce your product or service, as you may lose your customer’s interest. With all of the media accessible at our fingertips, customers want you to get to the point or they may leave your website. The answer to this is to entertain potential clients in an interesting way. This means that you should avoid copying the ideas of competitors and offer something new and exciting. You should also avoid ideas that may be offensive or crude. First impressions do matter.

Poor Distribution

What is the point of a video if no one is watching? Many times corporate videos fail because of inadequate marketing plans. If you notice that your video isn’t receiving views then it is time for a new plan. Get your video out and seen by as many people as possible. You can also boost views on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google, oftentimes for free. Make your video accessible and success should follow.

No one wants their video to fail, but many do as a result of these and other factors. Corporate videos are a great opportunity to showcase your products or services and should help your business, not cause a hindrance. Here at Rip Media, we understand the process of making corporate videos that speak positively and clearly to your audience. We are in your corner and with you every step of the way. Remember, your story starts here!