The Best Corporate Videos To Inspire Your Next Campaign

Corporate video

What are corporate videos? At first glance, they sound dull and stuffy. However, corporate videos are often pretty impressive.  

A corporate video is like an explainer video for a company’s culture. They introduce a company as a sum of its values and employees, not as the day-to-day labor they perform. 

Corporate videos can take all shapes and sizes, but they’re typically reserved for distribution among internal and external targeted audiences instead of the general public. For example, a CEO could use a corporate video at a stakeholder’s dinner, a webinar, or an employee’s birthday.

Below you will find several excellent examples of the best corporate videos we know of.

Twitter – Flight School

This is an excellent example of a motion graphics-driven corporate explainer video for Twitter’s social media training

This video didn’t see an extensive release. In fact, this might be the first time you’ve heard about it. However, this video was incredibly influential in the audience that it was trying to reach. 

Social media gurus and social media managers alike all flocked to the flight school after seeing this advertised in Twitter’s targeted marketing. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, remember to create and keep momentum with synched graphics and voice-over exactly as Twitter has done in their video. Your audience is more likely to convert as they become more excited. 

RoleBot – Company Intro Video

RoleBot  is a new recruiting software that uses AI to match recruiters and applicants. As of now, the tech company is only two or three years old, but it’s seen explosive investment and growth. Most of that investment has been because of the corporate explainer video that they had made right at the start of their fundraising journey. 

RoleBot chose to make a fast and fun typography type video with us that bamboozled the senses and got its investors’ blood racing. The video presents RoleBot as a relentless business, ready to do what it takes to conquer the market. 

Their success is a testament to the effect that a fast and aggressive introductory video can have over corporate investors. If you’re about to fundraise, consider typography. 

Hubspot – HubSpot Culture

Here’s a great example of a company presenting itself as the main draw to its services with a company video. 

HubSpot is one of the leaders in its field. However, because that field is mainly online, it’s hard for the brand to be human.

When HubSpot put together this culture explainer video back in 2015, they took a chance and presented themselves, and their stories, as the main draw to their company. 

Videos for companies like this are often used to make corporations more personable and human-like. Often, corporate videos aren’t very “corporate.” Instead, they’re often very human. 

If you need to appeal more directly to your clients’ emotions, try leveraging nostalgia and personal stories with your branded messaging like HubSpot has done here. 

Ben and Jerry’s – Back to the Mooture!

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the most loved home-grown American brands of the last 40 years. Two friends from Vermont not only revolutionized the ice-cream business with their outrageous flavors but changed the idea of what a business could be: a company that could focus on environmental protection and social justice while building a worldwide brand.

Ben and Jerry’s needed an engaging way to advertise their company history to anyone visiting their facility. After all, a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s factory isn’t just a visit to an ice cream factory. 

It’s a journey into the passion and love that Ben, Jerry, and their employees have placed into their ice cream year after year. To help them reach their goal, we put together this animation to illustrate the founder’s journey through time. 

If you’re looking for a static kind of video of company values that you can play on a loop, this is an excellent example of what you should be making. 

Rip Media Group – It Starts with a Call

This corporate video is, well, ours! It lives on the bottom of our homepage and in several other locations around our site without too much distribution. It tells the story of us to anyone interested enough to stop on our page long enough to consider our video marketing help. 

This is an excellent video for a couple of reasons. First, it showcases our technical and storytelling skills, and second, it gives some insight into who we are as a company – behind the scenes. 

Once you watch our corporate video then you’ll have a good feeling for how we create other company’s video productions.

Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

This explainer video starts to blur the line between a purely corporate production and a more general ad. 

This video works because the “CEO” of Dollar Shave Club talks to the audience in a frank and humorous way. Dollar Shave Club’s confidence in its product encouraged people to share the video because of how outlandish swearing in a corporate video is (as well as using a machete to cut tape). 

This corporate video defied expectations and has gone on to become a cult classic. 

Leave Mark

Leavemark’s corporate video  demonstrates how a corporate video can also be a powerful branding video. Their video is also a great example of how you can get excited about the future by looking toward the past. 

Their video sits on their homepage as an open invitation to anyone who has the good fortune to stumble onto their stylishly layed out site and it takes an interesting spin on the typical corporate explainer. While some businesses focus on who they are, Leavemark focuses YOU.

Leavemark offers up a corporate video filled with recorded memories like photos, home videos, and more – triggering nostalgia along the way. 

Leavemark aims at preserving and sharing family memories and documents (think Facebook but classier). So, we worked with them to craft this memory packed and authentic feeling corporate video that matched the spirit of their ad-free data storage/social media hybrid. 

When you’re crafting your next corporate video consider who should really be the center of attention. 

Corporate Videos Are All About the Emotion

Corporate videos come in many varieties, and whatever direction you decide to head in, you have our blessing. 

As always, if you’re lost in the brainstorming process, you can always give us a call (link) as well!

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