Shambler: Table Read

Shambler: Table Read

Monday, May 7, 2012 from 6:45 PM to 9:15 PM (PT)

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You are cordially invited to a table read of SHAMBLER, the motion picture, with financing and distribution from Odyssey Pictures, and produced by Gillen Group and Rip Media Group.

The read is hosted by the new S2S, Stage to Screen, development project at The Open Fist theater.

This film has international distribution and is financed.  A director search is out, and you are invited to listen to the script, and enjoy light refreshments before and after the read.

Please confirm immediately, space is limited.






Financier:  Odyssey Pictures, Inc.

Producers:  Anne Marie Gillen & Maury Rogow

Creators:  Bob Layton & David Michelinie

Filming:  August 2012


The feature film Shambler is based on original material written by comic book legends Bob Layton and David Michelinie who are responsible for the reboot of IRON MAN and a host of other wildly successful comic series.  Besides the film, Shambler is also a comic book limited series.

SYNOPSIS – He’s a Walking Crime Scene.

Brilliant scientist SAM PRATT is obsessed with matters of life and death – literally.  After years of work, he and his assistants (patient girlfriend ALI COLE and streetwise LUIS SALVO) have created a serum that will reanimate dead tissue.


But the secret of life is as deadly as it is valuable.  When Luis offers the serum to master criminal MIKLOS ZEITSEV as payment for his gambling debts, Zeitsev takes the serum and all the research data — and when Sam tries to protect his life’s work, Zeitsev’s hulking enforcer MS. BOGENELLI murders him.


Ali and a repentant Luis are able to create more serum, but they must use the crime scene tape from the murder site to stop the serum from leaking out. Sam is reanimated as THE SHAMBLER, a yellow-and-black mummy with superhuman strength.


Sam bludgeons his way through the criminal underworld trying to find Zeitsev, while Zeitsev makes a deal with Chinese arms merchants to obtain a weapon that will stop the unstoppable Shambler. But Sam realizes his intellect is degrading – if he doesn’t retrieve the stolen research soon, he will become a mindless killing machine.


Ali makes a desperate deal with Zeitsev – she will teach him how to use the serum in exchange for the return of the research data that will save Sam’s mind. This sets up a high-energy climax as Zeitsev and his criminal network battle this new kind of superhero – the Shambler


When & Where

Open Fist Theater
6209 Santa Monica Boulevard
CA 90038

Monday, May 7, 2012 from 6:45 PM to 9:15 PM (PT)

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Hosted By

Rip Media Group, and The Gillen Group

Odyssey Pictures Corporation


Founded in 1989, Odyssey Pictures Corporation has a successful history of financing and distributing major motion pictures such as “Sniper,” “Wuthering Heights,” “1492, “and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Today, the company provides diversified professional services to global media & entertainment markets. Odyssey’s lines of business include producer’s representative services, corporate brand marketing and IPTV digital content delivery.





Maury F. Rogow, Founder of RipMedia Group
Maury founded RipMedia Group in 2007. He has 20 years of successful experience in sales, marketing and business development. He began his career in the AT&T corporate development program, then with Lucent Technologies he dramatically increased market share for multimedia services, and software through innovative sales campaigns.


He was recognized in the top 1% of Lucent’s global sales force, and was awarded a coveted “Council of Leaders” title.  Maury later joined a start up, which tripled its revenue and was successfully sold to Cisco Systems for over $1 Billion. As Global Client Manager for Avaya his efforts earned him the “Leadership Award in Global Sales and Marketing” for generating millions in new revenue streams.


He started Rip Media Group to create stories via motion graphic production, corporate animation videos, and marketing media to help others achieve success. Maury is Executive Producer of Bedrooms, as seen on Showtime, Consulting Producer at CIMA Productions, New Media Producer at Cabin 14 Productions, and producer of hundreds of hours of branded commercial productions.  Maury received his BA from West Virginia University and Executive MBA Certification in Global Technology from Tufts University. He works with non-profit organizations and fund raises for various charitable organizations.


A member of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Film Independent, as well as a certified Inbound Marketing Professional. Maury is currently working with legendary comic creator Bob Layton (Iron Man), writer/director John Harrison (Dune, Children of Dune), Anne Marie Gillen (Fried Green Tomatoes), as producer and marketing officer. He is active on the board of advisers, and part owner of The McKim Group, an investment bank. Maury has appeared on television in various host roles for E! Television, Time Warner, and The Style Network and is completing the life changing book “Retire in 5, with the career you love”.


He is also the Executive Producer on the feature film ‘Bedrooms’, starring Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation), Julie Benz (Dexter, Rambo), Sarah Clarke (Twilight), and is the Media Marketing company behind other films such as ‘Snitch’.






Anne Marie Gillen, CEO of Gillen Group LLC
Gillen Group is an independent Producer who is extensively experienced in motion picture and television development and has exceptional relationships with studios, international distributors, production and acting talent.  November 2010 Ms. Gillen released her first book – the 3rd edition of The Producer’s Business Handbook – through Focal Press and co-branded by.


From 1996 – 2001, Anne Marie was the Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Freeman’s company, Revelations Entertainment.  She led the company in the strategic financing and distribution of Revelations’ projects.  During her tenure, Revelations Entertainment produced Along Came a Spider for Paramount; developed and produced Port Chicago Mutiny for NBC Network; and developed, independently financed and produced Under Suspicion starring Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman for Sony/Lions Gate.


Prior to her tenure at Revelations Entertainment, Anne Marie was co-founder and CEO of Electric Shadow Productions, and its Chair.  Electric Shadow financed, and Anne Marie was the Executive Producer of its first feature, Fried Green Tomatoes which was released by Universal and starred Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy.  This picture earned over $200 million worldwide and was nominated for two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes.


She came to Electric Shadow Productions from Hemdale Releasing Corporation where she was Vice President of Acquisitions and Ancillary Sales.  During her tenure, Hemdale was one of the leading independent film companies producing such films as: Platoon winner of Best Picture and Best Director, Hoosiers, The Last Emperor winner of nine Academy Awards including Best Picture, Director and Screenplay.


Ms. Gillen is a lecturer and panelist and gives workshop seminars for such organizations as:  Puerto Rico Film Commission, NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers), International Institute of Film Financing (IIFF), Show Biz Expo, Screenwriters Expo, UCLA Film School, USC Film School, Chapman University, Act One Producer Program, Century City Chamber of Commerce Entertainment Symposiums, Independent Feature Project seminars in New York, Minneapolis and Cannes, France, California Lawyers for the Arts, Women In Film, and Playback.


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