Explainer Video Production For A Fortune 100

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A fortune 100 media conglomerate reached out to Rip Media Group for explainer video production. The explainer videos were intended to reach a broad audience with highly detailed briefs that cover challenging topics without requiring industry-specific expertise. The fortune 100 conglomerate rated us on a third party website, Clutch. 

Here’s how they rated us.
Overall: 5.0
Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here’s what they had to say about Rip Media as an animated explainer video production company:

“They bring a global level of creativity beyond what we’ve seen at other advertising or communications agencies.”

Executive and employee feedback on their work is positive, while the audience for each project is in the tens of thousands. They make the process easy for stakeholders and base their process on creativity and communication.

We found Rip Media Group after doing a web search for the first project and found them on ProductionHUB. Three production companies submitted bids, but we were most impressed by the research they did on our company. They had a professional approach and did their homework.

We require a particular production talent to deliver a video with motion graphics. We wanted to tell a difficult story and needed a team to help. Rip Media’s explainer video production process was able to deliver on those fronts.

We’ve worked with them on a few projects now. We brought them on first in March and April 2015 and again in November 2016. Even when we’re not working on a specific project, we can still collaborate. I can ask questions or bounce ideas off of them outside of contracts with the understanding that we’ll probably work together officially on future projects. They are also a full-service explainer video production company that does more than just motion graphics. They bring a global level of creativity beyond what we’ve seen at other advertising or communications agencies. We ultimately worked with them for three or four projects. 

We provided them with a very basic brief of telecommunications advertising ideas for one project and encouraged them to be creative on the project. In another instance, we presented a more specific brief. In both situations, they exceeded our expectations and they are on top of the process. They’ve developed a really user-friendly application for communicating throughout the production process. A lot of our stakeholders are not well-versed in media, but the application makes their ability to give feedback easy.

Most of their work is either very targeted or part of a larger context. That makes it hard to isolate quantitative results. However, we always get great feedback from our executive and employee audience. The potential number of viewers is in the tens of thousands.

To wrap up the review, Rip Media Group’s desire to create a relationship built on creative production and communication was great. One of Rip Media’s many roles is as an explainer video company. So, they’re ultimately looking to monetize through projects or contracts, but they realize that there are greater gains to be made through sharing ideas during explainer video production and during the production process as a whole.