Chivas Regal (And Your Explainer Video)

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Sometimes your value is what you make it. I know that sounds like an odd motivational statement, so let me try to explain with more odd motivational missives and relate it to your explainer video.

You are what you say you are.
Your worth is equal to your presentation.

Okay, now it’s time to get to the point and relate this to video marketing. After all, that’s why we’re here.

Industry is filled with examples of companies that decided to set the market on their terms. Two that come to mind are DeBeers and Chivas Regal. DeBeers famously did it for the entire diamond industry. They told a marketplace that diamonds were of incredible value, and the marketplace believed and accepted it. Chivas Regal did it for their own brand. Without really changing anything in terms of quality or content, they just marketed and positioned themselves as a valuable brand within the whiskey industry.

You have an opportunity to do the same thing with your company and brand. And one of the key contributing pieces is video. The video you produce and display says a lot about you and your brand. If you’re trying to position yourself as high end within your industry, then you should have a high-end video. If you go low end, well, I think you can guess where you’ll end up.

Contact Rip Media Group and we can show you how to go high end (even if you’re not).