Convoso Contact Center Software Introduction Video (2D Motion Graphic Animation Video with some Character Animation)

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Convoso ( tried demand generation, but decided video marketing would be ‘worth a try’..After discussing their goals and needs, we agreed that what they really needed was a 2D Motion Graphic Video with some Character Animation to get the message out about the company’s next-generation contact center.

They turned to Rip Media Group for our creative video production services and extensive experience in video marketing.

Convoso is so multifaceted in the world advanced multi-channel automation that the first big challenge was finding a way to neatly tell the full Convoso story in just 90 seconds.

Rip Media Group took on this challenge and dove into producing a fully animated, 90-second video that both informed and delighted. Rip Media Group took to highlighting the value proposition of the Convoso’s services, which is turning long hours communicating with potential customers into quick AI driven conversations with strong qualified leads.

A Closer Look:..

How did Rip Media Group make the message impactful?

We went with 2D video animation that employed a hybrid vector art-based style coupled with strong sound design to help give depth to the scenes and bring the on-screen characters to life.
It’s pretty unique how we went from a vector style animation to an in-world, motion graphic-type style.

What pain points did this video address?
It was important to unify the company’s arguably disparate benefits into a single message. They do call center software that integrates, text messages, emails, ringless voicemails, and more. They’ve got their hands in half a dozen different things, making it hard for them focus on communicating their numerous benefits because they’re so multi-faceted.

Rip Media Group worked to spread the field by realizing that they’re a service based company and the most important thing at the end of the day is the value that they bring to their customers.

What was the client’ reaction when they first saw the video?
Extreme excitement and positive, very, very positive.

We’ve also improved the video significantly since the original concept by integrating the client’s feedback to the art and animation stages. Our open, communicative process left the client very happy.

How is the client going to use this video?
The video marketing strategy entails embedding this content ion their website and arm their executive team and sales team with versions for various sales scenarios. We will be making alternative cuts for use in different areas.

How is this video unique?
We created a fun and illustrative way to approach the narrative by going through the digital world to express everything that Convoso can do with AI while keeping it accessible for laymen.

What is one interesting thing that happened through this production process?
We did a lot of story crafting and pitching of ideas to the client. In the end it came down to the melding of multiple different stories. Usually we incorporate elements from story A and bring them into story B. This one was really the melding of three very different concepts that we originally brought to the table, which the client ultimately decided they wanted to see a hybrid. That made it interesting to try and get those components to all fit together in a way that made sense. It worked, and we loved the challenge.

What makes this video a success for Rip Media Group?

Fundamentally, this is a very solid 90 second video that expresses a great narrative with a mix of animation, voice over, and sound design.The client trusted us to put together something that was incredibly creative as compared to their other marketing and they now have an effective video marketing tool that will be cut in to different portions for social, blog, landing page, and trade show videos. This is integral to our ‘CORE!’ strategy: Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere!

Production Company: Rip Media Group
Client: Convoso
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Creative Producer: Dan Tundis