Explainer Video Animation: How To Show, Not Tell

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How do you make a good explainer video animation?

Making a good explainer video animation is trickier than you might think. You need good graphics, great music, and a concise message that won’t overcomplicate things. 

For R1 RCM, we provided all that. R1 RCM is an enterprise-level Hospital and Health-System revenue cycle management company. They help large hospitals and health organizations optimize their revenue by correcting billing mistakes and providing guidance on protecting and projecting their income accurately.

In short, R1 RCM does cool and complicated stuff with money… In case you can’t tell, they sometimes have a little trouble clearly conveying exactly HOW they do those cool things. 

That’s where we come in!

The Project

R1 RCM approached us, hoping we would help them make three new videos to clarify their product offerings.

The video we’ll be talking about today delves into the heart of what makes R1 RCM different – their overall brand mission. 

You might think that conveying R1 RCM’s brand is the most straightforward task we could get, but really, making an explainer video that hooks people immediately is much harder than making an explainer video for more niche financial functions. If a customer commits enough to learn about your financial processes, they’re hooked – nothing to worry about there! 

The Challenges

What did we need to do to leverage our explainer video services to R1 RCM’s benefit?

First, we needed to help R1 RCM define their message. Second, we needed to deliver visually appealing business videos. Finally, we needed to help R1 distill their messages down into more easily understandable chunks of information. 

In this instance, R1 RCM’s most nagging concern was translating their excellent data gathering capabilities into a compelling story.   

The Solution To Our Explainer Video Animation Woes

We overcame our challenges with this client in a couple of ways. 

First, we helped R1 RCM define the message they wanted to convey during their explainer video production. We leveraged the extensive Hollywood experience that our team has to re-focus R1’s talking points more toward their customers and away from their technical processes. 

Second, we gave this explainer video great animation. The animation we chose for this video featured bold colors, delicate line work, and dynamic graphics. We decided on combining these attributes because they helped to give R1’s video a classy, precise, and powerful mood that we believed fit R1 RCM like a glove. 

R1 is a finance company, after all. They consistently work with razor precision as they decipher accounting records and make bold decisions about the bottom line – all while maintaining good customer relations. 

We believe that the combination of elements that we chose represent R1 RCM beautifully. We also believe that the more minimalist approach we took helped our message come across more clearly and with greater engagement. 

Finally, we dealt with R1’s abundance of information a second way. The amount of data that R1 had was, frankly, too much to fit into one video. So, this project ended up becoming a three explainer video production. 

You’ll be able to see just one of the explainer videos in this blog post. However, you can always head over to R1 RCM’s website to check out the others. We don’t know where the videos will go, but we’re sure that they’re up somewhere!

In the end, R1 RCM was happy with the final product. 

If you’d like to make a video with the Rip Media Group Team, please reach out! Your story starts here. 


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